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Vietnamese cuisine never fails to impress

Vietnamese cuisine is some of the most delicious in Asia, and Gusto Caterers always hits the spot when its fragrant and tasty flavours are on the menu.

Whether it is a drop-off lunch or finger food for your party, the fresh tastes of Vietnamese food are terrific crowd-pleasers.

At lunch, combine fresh sushi with Vietnamese rice paper rolls and assorted tangy sauces, including the Vietnamese classic nuac cham, which is not only perfect with the translucent spring rolls, but is a staple in many Vietnamese dishes.

“Beautifully balanced flavours are what makes Vietnamese cuisine so special. And it’s also among the healthiest food you can eat,” said Gusto Caterers owner Matt Watter.

“Our choices of individual salads for lunch include a Vietnamese beef salad with vermicelli, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, rocket, cress and nuac cham dipping sauce, which has that combination of sweet, salty, hot and sour flavours.

“In fact, nuoc cham is great on everything – rice noodle salad, rice paper rolls, or noodle bowls.”

Rice paper rolls or goi cuon also make terrific finger food. Gusto Caterers’ are made with Vietnamese style beef, sprouts and vermicelli, but of course you can substitute prawns, tofu or other fillings.

The flavors of Vietnam are fresh and light, featuring herbs such as basil, Vietnamese mint, lemongrass, and coriander. Colour is also important in Vietnamese cuisine, with bright splashes of red chilli and green herbs adding to its visual appeal.

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