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A BBQ makes for the best office Christmas Party

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A BBQ can be easily hosted either on a worksite, office, factory or offsite in a local park or event space.

Popular Christmas party BBQ menu options include MSA-grade steak, lamb racks, reef fish, prawn skewers, even the humble sausage proves a hit year after year. However, high on office party wish lists this silly season is classic Southern-style barbecue choices.

Owner of Gusto Caterers, Matt Watter is a master of rubs, smoking and BBQing after studying the art in the USA.

Gusto Caterers office Christmas BBQ menus can include juicy ribs, brisket and a slow cooked pulled pork to die for.

Complex spices combined with smokiness, tangy sweet sauce over fall-off-the-bone cooking is on trend and can be easily combined with tasty and interesting vegetarian options including seasonal veg kebabs, stuffed peppers, BBQ’d sweet corn on the cob and summer salads.

Both meat-lovers and vegetarians will leave a Gusto office Christmas party full of good food and cheer!

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